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Stella Scholaja Mania Album


"Mania" is sort of a scrambled piece of work. It includes songs which I wrote when I was 13 to songs which are based off of most recent experiences. Most of the songs were produced in late 2016 to mid-summer of 2017. I decided to call the album "Mania" even though that song was one of the last ones I recorded. The process of writing it was quite different from the other tracks. It's very dark and the arrangement is something I usually wouldn't have considered. In a way it expressed how much of a mess humanity can be. That thought seemed like a very relatable concept to me.

Stella Scholaja Fear - EP
Stella Schoaja Miacle


My sophomore effort "Miracle" is a record I created on a do it yourself basis. The tracks on this album have been produced, written and composed by me. I started working on these songs when I was 17 and completed most of the tunes after my 18th birthday.  Saying that they are full of imperfections would be an understatement but an undeniable fact that is set at the core of this album is authenticity. My 18th year on this Earth has been hard and daunting. Upon being accepted to ivy league colleges that I unfortunately wasn't able to attend, I considered more than a few options to end my life, including physician assisted suicide. The title track "Miracle" came to me during the stay at a hotel in Leipzig, Germany, while receiving stem cell treatment. Back then the intention was different. The first lyric I wrote was "It's a miracle that I survived all of this" but after I came home I threw the whole concept overboard. I wasn't in a grateful state of mind. I was angry, I was angry at the world and so I imagined a time where there was no more shame, no more hurt, no more pain and the possibility of that kind of life... well, it felt like a miracle to me.

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